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2.8" WiFi Video Baby Monitor & Home Security Camera

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Transform Your Home Security with Our All-in-One 2.8" WiFi Video Baby Monitor & Home Security Camera

Experience peace of mind like never before with our state-of-the-art 2.8" WiFi Video Baby Monitor & Home Security Camera. Designed with the modern, connected family in mind, this compact powerhouse is your perfect partner in keeping a vigilant eye on what matters most to you. Whether it's your baby's peaceful sleep, your pets' playful antics, or the well-being of elderly family members, our device ensures that you're always just a glance away from ensuring their safety and comfort.

Why You'll Love It:

  • Crystal-Clear 1080P Full HD Vision: Every giggle, step, or snooze is presented in stunning high definition. Never miss a moment with unparalleled clarity that brings your loved ones closer to you.
  • Speak and Listen with Ease: Our two-way audio feature allows you to comfort your baby or chat with family with just a simple press. The high-quality audio breaks down all barriers between you and your loved ones.
  • See Everything, Miss Nothing: Thanks to the 360° pan and tilt functionality, every corner of your room is just a swipe away. Say goodbye to blind spots and hello to complete room coverage.
  • Wire-free Connectivity: Link up to your home Wi-Fi in seconds for uninterrupted, high-quality video streaming directly to your smartphone or tablet.
  • Guardian in the Night: Our superior night vision capability ensures your monitoring doesn't stop at sundown. Keep an eye on your loved ones up to 15 meters away, even in pitch darkness.
  • Smart Alerts & Tracking: Be the first to know with motion detection alerts and follow the action automatically as our camera tracks any movement.
  • Instant Connection with One-click: Whether it's a quick check-in or a heartfelt conversation, our one-click call feature keeps you and your family connected effortlessly.
  • Simplicity Meets Performance: We've made setup a breeze so you can focus on what's important. Plus, with flexible storage options, you'll never run out of space for those precious moments.

Product Highlights:

  • Compact and Powerful: With a 2.8-inch IPS display and a wide 120° view, this device is small in size but big on features.
  • Effortless Setup: Get up and running in no time, thanks to our user-friendly design.
  • Universal Compatibility: Works seamlessly with both Android and iOS devices.
  • Sustainable Power: Mains electricity means you're always on, always secure.
  • Trusted Quality: CE, FCC, and RoHS certification means you're choosing a product that meets the highest standards.

What's Included:

  • 1x Revolutionary PTZ Camera
  • 1x User-Friendly Manual
  • 1x Reliable Power Supply

(Note: SD card for local storage is sold separately.)

Make the smart choice for your family's security and well-being. With our 2.8" WiFi Video Baby Monitor & Home Security Camera, you're not just buying a product; you're investing in peace of mind and a closer connection to your home and loved ones. Stay secure, stay connected, and embrace the freedom that comes with our cutting-edge surveillance solution.

Comparison chart of two video call cameras highlighting features like resolution, night vision, privacy masking, and additional functionalities.

Transform your home security into a seamless, high-definition experience with our Smart WiFi Camera. Immerse yourself in crystal-clear 1080P Full HD video calls, whether it's camera to camera or camera to your phone app. With its innovative 360° Pan/Tilt capability, combined with a vibrant 2.8" IPS screen, you're guaranteed comprehensive coverage and impeccable image quality. Elevate your home's safety and connectivity with our cutting-edge wireless security solution.
Home security camera with features including 1080p resolution, ptz control, two-way audio, motion tracking, night vision, and wifi connectivity highlighted.

Stay Close, No Matter Where You Are! 🌟

With a single click, bridge the miles and bring your family right into your living room. Dive into heartwarming video calls with your parents and share unforgettable moments, anytime and anywhere. Strengthen the precious bond between you and your loved ones, effortlessly. Because family is just a click away!"

This version aims to evoke emotion, emphasizing the ease of use and the emotional benefits of using the service. It uses more vibrant language to capture the reader's attention and make the message more memorable.

A home surveillance camera with a one-touch call feature being demonstrated on a smartphone. Two groups of people engaging in device-to-device video calling.
Transform your home security with our cutting-edge 1080P Full HD Smart Indoor Camera. Boasting a crystal-clear 920*1080 Mega Pixels resolution, this camera ensures every detail is captured in pristine quality. Designed for seamless integration, it supports both reliable Ethernet and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connectivity, ensuring you're always connected. Experience unparalleled coverage with its expansive 350° horizontal and 60° vertical pan/tilt capabilities, guaranteeing that no corner of your home is left unmonitored. Upgrade to peace of mind with our smart camera—your home's watchful protector.
A home security camera with video calling feature displaying its wide-angle view of a child playing with a dog, as monitored on a smartphone.
Transform your safety game with our cutting-edge camera - it's like having a vigilant guardian by your side, 24/7. Featuring a hyper-responsive motion-activated sensor, an expansive 360° view that misses nothing, and crystal-clear night vision, you can rest easy knowing every corner is covered. Darkness or daylight, never miss a beat and keep an eagle eye on every movement, ensuring complete peace of mind around the clock. Elevate your security to the next level and see the unseen with our revolutionary camera.
Burglar in a home with alerts on a monitoring system indicating detected motion.
Experience the Magic of Auto Tracking! 🌟 Keep every moment in focus with our cutting-edge Auto Tracking feature. Whether it's the joyful dance of your child or a breathtaking bird in flight, effortlessly capture every significant scene with precision. Once the action concludes, relax as the camera smartly returns to its preset position, ready for the next adventure. Don't miss a beat of what matters most—let Auto Tracking seamlessly bring the important moments directly to you.A boy playing with a toy gun.

Revamp your nighttime security with our Enhanced IR Night Vision technology! Featuring state-of-the-art infrared LEDs paired with a wide F2.1 aperture lens, you can now enjoy crystal-clear, detailed views in the dead of night, up to an impressive 15 meters away. Keep your space safe and monitored, even in complete darkness.

A promotional image showcasing the differences in night vision capabilities of a security camera: high-definition color in low light, full-color effect, and comparison with no night vision function versus black and white night vision.

Transform your smartphone into the ultimate surveillance tool with our cutting-edge app, available for both iPhone and Android users. Dive into a world where customization meets convenience: tailor your camera settings to perfectly match your needs. Whether it's watching over your adorable pets, keeping an eye on your precious little ones, or ensuring your home's safety, our app has got you covered. Invite up to 5 family members or friends to join in and stay connected. Fine-tune motion detection alerts, schedule alarms, adjust sensitivity, and experience crystal-clear images even in the dead of night with our advanced infrared night vision feature. Take control and elevate your peace of mind with us.
A versatile home camera advertised for baby monitoring, pet interaction, and elderly care, highlighting its use for family connectivity and safety. Three people happily using their smartphones to share camera access within a family group.

Unlock Limitless Memories with Flexible Storage Options!

1. Keep It Close with Local Storage

Make every moment count and never worry about running out of space again! Our device supports local storage with up to 128GB on a Class10 micro SD card (not included). It's the perfect way to secure your memories and access them anytime, right at your fingertips.

2. Elevate Your Storage with Cloud Convenience

Step into the future of storage with our seamless Cloud Storage option! Simply subscribe through our app and enjoy the freedom of accessing your cherished memories from anywhere, at any time. It's easy, secure, and ensures your moments are always just a click away.

Home security camera with cloud and micro sd card storage options, showcasing various use cases and storage capacities with corresponding recording times.
About Camera
Smart video doorbell with hd screen, dual microphone, and infrared night vision features.
White spherical speaker with sd card slot, reset button, and type-c power supply, featuring annotated labels.
Modern robotic smart camera with integrated display showing time and user interface.
Product specifications sheet for a surveillance camera featuring details such as model number, screen type, video resolution, audio capabilities, rotation, intelligent features, certifications, and product size.
What's in the package?
A display of a video call camera product and its accessories, including a camera, packaging box, data cable, and power adapter, labeled for identification.


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2.8" WiFi Video Baby Monitor & Home Security Camera - BONY Store

2.8" WiFi Video Baby Monitor & Home Security Camera