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Jianpai Sonic Electric Toothbrush for Adults

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Transform Your Smile with the Jianpai Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Dive into a world where dental care meets innovation with the Jianpai Sonic Electric Toothbrush! Designed meticulously for adults, this battery-powered marvel is your gateway to achieving a dazzling smile without the hassle of constant recharging.

Crafted with precision, the Jianpai Sonic Electric Toothbrush boasts ultra-soft bristles paired with cutting-edge sonic technology. This dynamic duo ensures a supremely gentle yet effective cleaning experience that reaches deep between teeth and along the gum line. Say goodbye to plaque and hello to a healthier, brighter smile.

Worried about durability? Fear not! Our toothbrush comes with an impressive IPX6 waterproof rating, ensuring it stands up to the rigors of daily use while being incredibly easy to clean. Whether you're a man or woman seeking a straightforward, reliable solution for oral care, this toothbrush is designed with you in mind.

Key Features:

  • Battery-Powered Freedom: Forget the cords and enjoy the convenience of battery power.
  • Gentle Yet Powerful Cleaning: Up to 10,000 sonic movements per minute for a thorough clean that's still kind to your gums.
  • Deep Cleaning Mode: Dive deeper with a mode dedicated to removing plaque and enhancing gum health.
  • Shower-Ready: With an IPX6 waterproof rating, your oral care routine can seamlessly fit into your shower time.
  • Soft Bristles for Sensitive Teeth: Designed for comfort, these bristles are a dream for sensitive teeth and gums.

Product Specifications:

  • Suitable for Adults
  • Includes 3 Nozzles
  • Made from Durable ABS Material
  • Soft Bristle Stiffness
  • CE Certified for Quality Assurance
  • Single Operating Mode with Acoustic Wave Technology

Elevate your oral care routine with the Jianpai Sonic Electric Toothbrush. Experience the perfect blend of simplicity, efficiency, and innovation. Your teeth will thank you!

Product description
  • 1:IPX6 waterproof design,non rechargeable3 colors
  • 2: 0.18 soft bristle toothbrush design for deep cleaning and gum care
  • 3: One click start,vibrating 5800 times per minute
  • 4: User group: Adult,material ABS+TPR
  • MODEL : 002
  • Modes: Grey/blue/pink

Additional details

  • 1.Patients with severe periodontitis or have otherserious oraldiseasesplease

Quide to use this product on the basis ofthe dentist

  • 2 Please don't to the teeth and

gums high strengthor the use ofthis product for along time

  • 3. If the teeth are in treatment,or implant appearsunstable cases, suggest to

stop using this product

  • 4.Infants and young childrenand not the operatoror

the feelingin the mouth weakplease do not use
this product

  • 5. To protect the tooth is not damagedgum from harmplease avoid to have

beautiful whiteRemovedentinabrasives(powdercycleuse

  • 6.In the process of brushing your teeth,please dontfor teeth overexert(high

frequency vibration by the brushto clean your teethplease)

  • 7This productfor

along time need not whenplease
take out the battery

  • 8. Please do not put this product to soak in water

for along time

  • 9.Do not knock or hit the productin order to avoid

damage to the goods
1. Wet brushing squeeze right amount
toothpaste on the brush2Will the bristles with 45 degree Angle on the
gum line on the teeth3.Press the button switchstart sonic
electricfourregionstoothbrush4.You need as long as gently move the brush
to clean theparts, pressure shall be within 150 g(sonic toothbrush is
on high frequency vibration
brush clean the mouthso handthe force used to brush his teeth than the
much smaller whenusing ordinarytoothbrushabout 1/8)5The dentist
suggested that the oral cavityis divided
into four regions(pictured),in the process of brushingthe slow moving
toothbrush,ensure that each region hasaround 30 move cleaning time,
complete a brushing yourteethis the besttime for 2 minutes6.After brushing
your teeth, press the switch button againclose the sonictoothbrushand
then remove the toothbrushfrom in the mouthto replace the clean after


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Jianpai Sonic Electric Toothbrush for Adults - BONY Store

Jianpai Sonic Electric Toothbrush for Adults