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JOOAN 4K PTZ IP Camera with 10X Zoom and Dual Lens Auto Tracking

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Elevate Your Surveillance to Unprecedented Levels with the JOOAN 4K PTZ IP Camera – Your Ultimate Guardian!

🌟 Experience Crystal-Clear Clarity Like Never Before: Dive into the world of ultra-high-definition with the JOOAN 4K PTZ IP Camera. Boasting a powerful 10X zoom and dual lens auto tracking, every detail is captured with astonishing precision, making it feel like you're there in person.

🌐 Stay Connected, Stay Secure: With seamless WiFi connectivity, this cutting-edge camera keeps you in the loop, no matter where you are. Its advanced color night vision technology ensures that your property is under vigilant watch, both day and night.

🏡 Versatility at Its Best: Whether you're safeguarding your home, keeping an eye on your little one, or monitoring your office, this camera adapts to your needs. Its high-quality performance and reliability offer you tranquility and confidence, knowing that what matters most is protected.

🔍 Unmatched Features for an Unmatched Peace of Mind:

  • Sensor: Top-of-the-line CMOS for stellar image quality.
  • Connectivity: Effortless WiFi setup.
  • Style: Sleek, modern box camera design in pristine WHITE.
  • High Definition: Revel in 3MP high-definition visuals.
  • Audio Output: 1CH RCA for clear audio feedback.
  • Installation: Easy ceiling installation for the perfect vantage point.

🌙 Night or Day, Always on Watch: Equipped with color night vision, the JOOAN PTZ IP Camera doesn’t miss a beat, ensuring 24/7 surveillance.

🌈 Specifications That Shine:

  • Powerful 3W consumption for energy-efficient operation.
  • Wide Movement Range: Pan 0°-360° for complete area coverage.
  • IR Distance: Up to 12M, ensuring clear footage even in low light.
  • AI Functions: Cutting-edge motion detection keeps you alerted.

📱 Stay in Control: Compatible with both Android and iOS, monitor your space from anywhere, anytime.

🌟 Why Choose JOOAN PTZ IP Camera? Because it's not just about surveillance; it's about bringing a sense of security, clarity, and peace of mind into your life, all wrapped up in a device that stands on the frontier of technology.

Choose JOOAN. Choose unparalleled surveillance.

Capture Every Detail, Near or Far: Our cutting-edge camera is equipped with dual lenses, offering an expansive field of view and unparalleled depth perception. Experience crystal-clear, detailed footage like never before, ensuring nothing goes unnoticed.

Stay Ahead with Auto Tracking: Say goodbye to manual adjustments. Our camera's advanced auto-tracking technology seamlessly follows any movement within its vicinity, transforming it into an essential, hands-off surveillance ally.

See the Unseen, Even at Night: Venture into the night with confidence, thanks to our camera's revolutionary color night vision capability. Enjoy vivid, clear footage in low-light conditions, ensuring that darkness is no barrier to keeping your space secure.

Definition Redefined: Dive into the world of high definition with our 3.0-megapixel camera. Every frame is a testament to sharp, intricately detailed visuals, providing you with a viewing experience that's second to none.

Introducing the Ultimate Home Surveillance Solution: Our 5G WiFi IP Camera is your all-in-one security champion. Featuring dual lenses, dual screens, auto tracking, and color night vision, this camera is more than just a baby monitor. It's your eyes and ears, day and night, giving you peace of mind in the palm of your hand.

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Experience the Power of Dual Lenses & Dual Screens!

Unleash crystal-clear visuals with our advanced Dual Lens system, boasting a stunning 3MP+3MP resolution. With our top-tier PTZ lens, you have the freedom to explore every angle - tilt it up, down, left, or right, and dive into real-time playback with ease. Meanwhile, the bottom lens offers a steadfast view of your designated monitoring area, capturing every detail without miss.

Why settle for one perspective when you can have two? Our innovative Dual Screen feature allows you to simultaneously watch the live feed from both lenses, ensuring you never miss a moment. Elevate your monitoring experience with unparalleled clarity and versatility. Dive into the future of surveillance now!

Experience seamless connectivity with our Dual-band WiFi Connection Camera - exclusively designed to work with the cam720 app. Elevate your user experience by effortlessly downloading the cam720 app from Google Play or the Apple Store. Dive into a world of convenience with the option to connect to either 2.4GHz or 5GHz WiFi, ensuring a stable and fast connection for all your needs. Discover the difference today and stay connected in a way that's hassle-free and efficient.

Two-Way Audio: A Conversation Without Limits

Experience the magic of real-time conversations with our cutting-edge Two-Way Audio feature! Equipped with an integrated microphone and speaker, it bridges the distance, bringing you closer to your loved ones, no matter where you are in the world. Engage in heartwarming chats or share important moments with your family at any time. With our Two-Way Audio, you're never too far away to say "hello".

Stay Connected with Just a Touch! 🌟

Imagine being a button-press away from hearing your child's voice anytime, anywhere. With our On Touch Calling feature, that's exactly what you get! Simply have your child press the button on their camera, and voilà, you're instantly connected through the app. It's like magic, turning moments into memories, effortlessly. Start chatting and share the love, no matter the distance. 💬✨

Capture Every Move with Precision: Our advanced motion detection camera is your vigilant guardian. Upon spotting any movement, be it a sleek car, your playful pet, or a person, it instantly springs into action. The camera's top lens finely adjusts itself to keep the moving object in focus, ensuring you never miss a beat. But that's not all - it simultaneously sends real-time alert notifications straight to your smartphone. Stay ahead and informed about every significant moment. With our camera, rest assured, you're always the first to know.

Seamlessly Take Control with Our PTZ Remote Control - Enjoy Unparalleled Surveillance Coverage!

Experience total freedom and flexibility with our cutting-edge PTZ Remote Control, offering a sweeping 355° horizontal and a remarkable 90° vertical rotation. Now, every corner of your space is within sight, leaving no blind spot unchecked. With the convenience of setting multiple preset points directly through our intuitive app, you can effortlessly initiate fixed-point cruise monitoring. Embrace the peace of mind that comes from knowing every inch of your home is securely monitored - because with our technology, you're not just observing; you're in command.

Experience Night in Full Color!

Unleash the power of night vision like never before with our cutting-edge technology, featuring 2 high-intensity White LEDs and 12 advanced IR LEDs. Prepare to be amazed as our intelligent system detects motion and springs into action, casting a bright, protective light that turns night into day.

Transform the way you view the night with our revolutionary camera that paints your world in vibrant colors, even in the darkest hours. Choose from three dynamic night modes to tailor your viewing experience. This isn't just a camera; it's your ultimate shield against the shadows, bringing unparalleled clarity and color to your night-time surveillance.

Don't just watch; witness the night come alive with us.

Seamless P2P Remote Access & Multi-System Compatibility

Transform your Android, iPhone, or any iOS device into a powerful monitoring tool with our state-of-the-art camera. Whether you're miles away or just in the next room, gain peace of mind by keeping an eye on what matters most to you. Setting up is a breeze! Simply add your camera to the cam720 APP via WiFi. Remember to enable mobile network data and location services on your app for effortless remote monitoring, anytime, anywhere.

Experience unparalleled convenience right at your fingertips with the cam720 APP!

Transform your viewing experience into a shared adventure! Invite up to five friends or family members to join in the excitement, giving them access to live streams and video recordings. Together, create memories as you watch the world unfold in real time.

Unlock Seamless Storage Solutions: Enjoy Complimentary 30-Day Cloud Storage & Expandable SD Capacity!

Dive into the future of data security with our dual storage options. Start off with our FREE 30-day cloud storage trial, offering you a seamless way to safeguard your precious memories and critical files. Plus, with support for SD cards up to 128GB, rest assured knowing your data's stability and accessibility are in good hands.

Love the convenience and peace of mind our Cloud Service brings? Great news! Continuing your service is as simple as opting in for a paid plan. Not quite ready to commit? No worries! If you choose not to continue, your cloud service will automatically cease without any hassle or additional fees when the trial period ends.

Embrace the freedom of choice and the assurance of secure, flexible storage with us today!

Transform any space into a monitoring haven with our versatile installation bracket, included in your package! Effortlessly mount it on the ceiling, wall, or even set it up on a desktop to keep an eye on every corner of your home. Experience unparalleled convenience and peace of mind, knowing you can monitor your sanctuary from anywhere. Get ready to elevate your home's security with ease!

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JOOAN 4K PTZ IP Camera with 10X Zoom and Dual Lens Auto Tracking - BONY Store

JOOAN 4K PTZ IP Camera with 10X Zoom and Dual Lens Auto Tracking