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StellarNova 360° Galaxy Projector

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Transform Your Space into a Cosmic Wonderland with the StellarNova Galaxy Projector

Dive into the infinite beauty of the cosmos without leaving the comfort of your home with the StellarNova 360° Galaxy Projector. This magical device isn't just a projector; it's your ticket to a captivating universe, offering a mesmerizing 360-degree celestial show right in your own space. Perfect for igniting the imaginations of kids or setting the scene for romantic encounters, this galaxy projector is your go-to for creating moments that are truly out of this world.

Why the StellarNova Projector is a Must-Have:

  • A Stellar Experience: Immerse yourself in a dynamic display of twinkling stars and swirling galaxies. With every turn, the StellarNova transforms your room into a tranquil cosmic retreat, making every night an adventure through the stars.
  • Versatile Magic: Whether it's lulling a child into dreamland beneath a starry sky, adding a sprinkle of celestial charm to your décor, or making special occasions like Valentine’s Day or weddings extra magical, the StellarNova projector is your versatile companion for creating unforgettable atmospheres.
  • Effortlessly Elegant: Beyond its enchanting visuals, the StellarNova is a marvel of design. Its sleek, star-shaped body is both a sophisticated addition to your home and a beacon of dreams to come.
  • Gift the Universe: Looking for a gift that truly stands out? The StellarNova 360° Galaxy Projector is a unique and thoughtful choice, perfect for anyone who deserves the universe and more.

Technical Specifications:

  • Type: Night Light Projector
  • Shape: Star
  • Included Bulbs: LED, for a lasting and energy-efficient glow
  • Certifications: CE, FCC, PSE, ROHS – Your assurance of quality and safety
  • Power Source: DC (5V), for easy and accessible power supply
  • Smart Device: No, simple switch operation for ease of use
  • Material: Durable ABS, designed for lasting beauty
  • Batteries: Not required, for uninterrupted cosmic journeys

Step into a world where the stars are within reach, and every night is a journey through the cosmos. With the StellarNova 360° Galaxy Projector, your space becomes a galaxy of possibilities. Invite the universe into your home and let the StellarNova be your guide to the stars.

Dive into the Universe from the Comfort of Your Home

Unleash the full potential of your imaginations and bring the cosmos to life in your very own space! Designed for optimal viewing in dimly-lit indoor settings, our planetarium star projector is your gateway to the stars. Experience the magic with just a DC 5V/2A power adapter and a simple Type-C USB connection.

Effortless Operation for Stellar Exploration

Embark on an interstellar journey with ease. Our projector is ingeniously designed for simplicity, making it a breeze for even the youngest astronomers to operate. In just three steps - insert the film, press the switch, and adjust the focus - you're ready to traverse the universe. With its 360° rotating design, this projector transforms any room into a mesmerizing celestial dome.

A Universe of Possibilities with 12 Dynamic Scenarios

Prepare to be captivated by our 12-in-1 planetarium projector, offering a variety of cosmic phenomena:

  1. Solar System Adventure
  2. Earth – Our Blue Home
  3. The Enigmatic Moon
  4. The Milky Way's Splendor
  5. Dazzling Galaxy Views
  6. Andromeda's Mystery
  7. The NGC4302-NGC4298 Pair
  8. Hubble Deep Field Insights
  9. The Compact M60-ucd1
  10. North America Nebula
  11. The Mystical Mystic Mountain
  12. Small Magellanic Cloud

Each scenario invites you on a unique voyage through the cosmos, right from the comfort of your home.

Customizable Viewing Experience

Our projector is designed with versatility in mind, featuring multiple display modes for a tailor-made cosmic experience. Control the movie lights and side star lights independently for varied atmospheric effects. Enjoy a serene, noise-free operation ideal for a peaceful sleep environment. With the ability to control star rotation and set a timed shutdown, your celestial journey is in your hands.

Crystal-Clear Cosmic Beauty

Step into the future with our HD Galaxy Projector, boasting a 2024 upgrade for unparalleled clarity. Adjust the focus with ease to suit your projection distance, supporting up to a 5M throw and illuminating up to 134㎡. It's the perfect addition to any room, turning spaces into a galaxy of stars.

A Universe of Fun and Learning for Kids

Not only is our projector child-friendly with its 3-step operation, but it also encourages intellectual development through fun, manual film changes. Crafted from high-quality ABS material and using film imaging principles, it's safe for curious eyes. The rotatable body projects captivating scenes across ceilings and walls, sparking curiosity and imagination.

The Ultimate Gift for Young Astronauts

Whether it's for a home party, a unique addition to home theater setups, Christmas decorations, a Valentine's Day surprise, or simply to enhance room decor, this projector is an exceptional educational and entertaining gift for kids. Let them explore the mysteries of the universe and ignite their passion for learning about the cosmos.

Embark on your space journey today and transform your room into an awe-inspiring celestial show with our Planetarium Star Projector Lamp.

Built-in 12 film sheets

1、The Solar System Takes you to experience a different virtual world. Close to the solar system, the galaxy, celestial planets, deep forests, etc. can stimulate children's imagination.

2、Earth 3、The moon 4、The Milky Way 5、The Galaxy 6、Andromede Galaxy 7、NGC4302-NGC4298 8、Hubble Deep Field

9、M60-ucd1 10、North America Nebula 11、Mystic Mountain 12、Small Magellanic Cloud.

Create a romantic atmosphere

The star projector simulates the movement of celestial bodies, presenting a shocking real starry sky scene, giving you an immersive experience of the long-lost night starry sky, which resembles the family planetarium

Timing Function

-Bring Your Sweet a Good Dream

-Let You Travel In Space At Night

HD Focus Galaxy Projector

10 ft projection distance

135 ft2 projection area

Multiple Display Modes Optional

Support independently controls the Movie Lights (press the second button to turn them on/off) and Side Star Lights (press the third button to turn on/off/switch the light mode). No noise while working creates a soothing sleep environment. The fourth button can turn on/off the star rotation, and press 2 seconds for a timed shutdown (fixed for one hour).

Great Gift for Kids

Made of high-quality ABS material. Film imaging principle, No harm to children's eyes. 360 ° rotatable body can project the scene onto the ceiling, walls, and floors. Stimulate children's curiosity and imagination - Interesting educational gift for Kids. Also suitable for Home Party / Home Theater / Christmas Decorations/ Valentine's Day present /Room Decoration.


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StellarNova 360° Galaxy Projector